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Certified enterprise ready

A highly resilient, scalable, and performant distributed SQL database for mission-critical transaction processing applications in any cloud or on prem environment.

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OpenShift 4.6+

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Products purchased on Red Hat Marketplace are supported by the provider. Beyond documentation and developer communities, specialists and product maintainers may be available to address your concerns.


    1. YugabyteDB uniquely combines enterprise-grade RDBMS capabilities such as distributed ACID transactions, replication with strong consistency, and secondary indexes with the horizontal scalability and resilience of cloud native architectures.
    2. Geographic distribution allows organizations to place data close to their users while being compliant with data residency requirements without sacrificing performance.
    3. YugabyteDB is wire compatible with PostgreSQL and works well with modern development and operations tools, allowing cloud native app developers and operations teams to get productive quickly.

  • YugabyteDB powers mission-critical OLTP applications that require transactional consistency,
    high availability, predictable performance, and scalability at enterprises worldwide. Use cases for YugabyteDB include:

    ● Cloud native transactional applications: Build stateful microservices by leveraging modern cloud native frameworks such as GraphQL, or in any language of your choice like Django, Spring, Go, etc.

    ● Applications requiring massive scale: Use YugabyteDB for applications such as IoT and streaming services that demand high throughput, support for large data sets, and/or many concurrent connections.

    ● Geo-distributed workloads: Leverage YugabyteDB’s flexible deployment and replication models to move data close to users for resilience, performance, and compliance.

    ● Modernizing a traditional RDBMS footprint: Move Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 workloads to a modern distributed SQL database with minimal disruption. If you can migrate to PostgreSQL, you can migrate to YugabyteDB.

    1. Productivity: Increase your rate of innovation and competitiveness by bringing new ideas to production within hours/days
    2. Resilience: Ensure that applications and services are always available without any performance impact despite infrastructure failures
    3. Efficiency: Enable developers to make high-impact changes frequently and predictably with minimal toil
    4. Savings: Spend up to 80% less on technology through database consolidation, lower licensing fees, and greater operational efficiencies with no technology lock-in
    5. Security and Risk Mitigation: Harden security, achieve compliance, and mitigate risks in moving your applications and data to the cloud