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Akka Platform Operator

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Certified enterprise ready

Akka Platform enables you to deliver responsive, globally consistent systems at scale, backed by self-healing protocols that automatically protect your business systems—from code to cluster.

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Products purchased on Red Hat Marketplace are supported by the provider. Beyond documentation and developer communities, specialists and product maintainers may be available to address your concerns.


  • Your subscription entitles you to request assistance for a number of development and system questions. Our assistance can help you succeed from your early planning phases all the way through production maintenance. Below are some general guidelines:
    If you are working on the architectural and planning phase of your project then feel free to ask for help understanding our technologies and how they can best be utilized for your project needs.
    If you are in development, then ask us any questions that help to unblock you so that you can develop with ease. i.e. You can't get code to compile, are encountering a runtime issue, or any number of other development issues. Note that if you can provide us with reproducible code then we can more often resolve your case in a more timely fashion.
    For projects in production you might run into situations where code is not running optimally (or at all in some cases), we are here to help. If it might be our technology then don't hesitate to come straight to us so that we can help to get your systems back to their ideal state. Additionally, we strongly recommend attaching log file(s) to your support case, which will help expedite our troubleshooting.