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Interloc Mobile Informer logo
Interloc Mobile Informer

By Interloc Solutions

Mobile Informer is an award-winning mobility solution for Maximo and the Maximo Application Suite (MAS), delivering the full capabilities of Maximo to users in the field, whether they are online or offline. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, Mobile Informer can be configured to meet the strictest security requirements and to match the way that you do business, with no compromises.


By Cohesive Spain

is a Cohesive solution built on top of the IBM MAXIMO OEM software. Cohesive EAM Solution is based on the experience in EAM systems of the Cohesive group

EAM FlexCalendar Plus logo
EAM FlexCalendar


EAM FlexCalendar Plus is an integrated, easy to deploy Add-On and a revolutionary new way of visualizing data in Maximo or MAS Manage. The Add-On also allows you to create calendar links which users can subscribe to in their standard Mailing tools like Microsoft Outlook.

Smart Project Link logo
Smart Project Link - Maximo and Microsoft Project Integration

By Smartech

Transformative Integration for Maximo and Microsoft Project, Elevate your planning and scheduling capabilities with Smart Project Link, the cutting-edge Smartech add-on designed for seamless integration between IBM Maximo and Microsoft Project.

Maximo Express Platform logo
Maximo Express


Ready to use, cloud based Asset Management solution, built on IBM Maximo for quick deployment of predefined, standards-based business processes and best practices.

MxPickup logo

By A3J Group LLC

A3J Group’s material pickup solution, MxPickup, was built with the busy warehouse manager or employee in mind. MxPickup enhances the Maximo receiving process with superior tracking and issuing controls to make receiving large quantities of items and materials a breeze.

Smart Label Print - Maximo Label Printing logo
Smart Label Printing - Maximo Labeling Solution

By Smartech

Streamline label printing using Smartech Label Printing solution. Generate labels and barcodes directly from Maximo for quick, effortless printing. Customize labels, enhance data accuracy, and boost workforce efficiency without the need for a site-to-site VPN.

EAM EasyReporting logo
EAM EasyReporting


EAM EasyReporting for Maximo is a revolutionary new way of designing Report templates for IBM Maximo using Word, Excel or PowerPoint. EAM EasyReporting is the only Reporting tool for IBM Maximo enabling Super Users, not just Administrators creating new or updating existing Reports by simply drag & dropping fields. Report design for Maximo has never been easier and more intuitive.

Nexer Maximo On Cloud logo
Nexer Maximo On Cloud

By Nexer Asset Management

Nexer Maximo On Cloud provides private SaaS experience for Maximo Application Suite solution with full stack of services including licensing and Application Maintenance Support services.

Maximo as a Service logo
Maximo as a Service Non-Production Instance

By Projetech

Maximo as a Service standalone Non-Production Instance

Touchstone - EAM & APM logo
Touchstone Maximo

By Certus Solutions

The Touchstone digital business service enables you to leverage existing investments in people, process and technology, so that together we bring together the right combination capabilities and digital technologies specifically designed for Enterprise Asset Management.

Workflow Delegate logo
A3J Group Maximo Ninja Fix Workflow Delegate

By A3J Group LLC

Workflow delegates allow you to select a single person to receive all records that are sent to you via workflow in Maximo.

IBM Models for Electrical Distribution logo
IBM Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution


IBM Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution offers model templates to enhance the reliability of energy and utility assets, helping you anticipate downtime, degradation, and failures. This accelerator includes prebuilt notebooks and configuration files for transmission and distribution asset classes, incorporating features available in IBM Maximo Health and IBM Maximo Predict.

IBM Maximo Work Order Advisor logo
IBM Maximo Work Order Advisor


IBM Maximo Work Order Advisor enables improving productivity and reliability in processes, and consistency in operations across sites through insights into work order data. This accelerator provides pre-built model templates, that apply generative AI technology, to Maximo Work Order data in the Maximo DB, and obtain recommendations on failure code classification, similarity, and approval.

IBM Maximo Detection and Prediction for Air Compressors logo
IBM Maximo Detection and Prediction for Air Compressors


Leverage pre-packaged, state of the art algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify anomalies in real time and predict failures in 2 stage rotary type air compressors. The frameworks are generalizable and can be applied to different industrial use cases.

Fingertip logo

By Peacock Engineering Ltd

Fingertip extends your Maximo installation into the field - any site, any location, any asset. Providing knowledge where it's needed - extend your EAM into the field.

MaxProcure Vendor Portal for Maximo logo
MaxProcure Vendor Portal for Maximo

By MaxProcure

Modernize your procurement processes and achieve stunning ROI with proven procure-to-pay automation for Maximo. Send POs, RFQs, payment status, and documents to your vendors, and receive order confirmations, delivery dates, revision requests, price quotes, and invoices in Maximo from your vendors with zero effort. The Vendor Portal works natively with MAS and Maximo 7.6 with nothing to install.

EAM MaaS Package logo
EAM MaaS Package


The EAM MaaS Package provides you with much more than software. In addition to the professional maintenance software IBM Maximo, you will get add-ons as well as services that guarantee that you will receive fast and uncomplicated help when you need it. And should you only wish to use Maximo without operating it yourself, we can offer you, as an option, a space in our data center.

Varis for IBM Maximo logo
Varis for Maximo

By Varis

Connects IBM Maximo buyers and trusted suppliers in an intuitive one stop purchasing platform that increases operational efficiency and savings.

Smart Asset Navigator logo
Smart Asset Navigator - Illustrated Part Catalog for Maximo

By Smartech

Revolutionizes asset management by offering an illustrated part catalog for Maximo, showcasing a visual, exploded BOM view. This tool utilizes various asset data sources to visually link assets and spare parts, enabling fast and accurate part identification within Maximo. It streamlines material planning and purchasing, allowing for direct visual identification of spare parts from drawings.

IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection logo
IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection


IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection is an expertly crafted AI Recipe to analyze multivariate time series data such as sensor data. These innovative AI Recipes predict lower and upper values, encapsulating the target variable or signal within the user's specified probability or confidence level. Any deviation of the measured target variable outside this interval is identified as an anomaly.

TRM Maximo Advanced Asset Management Suite logo
TRM Maximo AAM - Advanced Asset Management


Cloud-based, turnkey enterprise maintenance that reduces costs, increases productivity, and improves asset uptime and reliability.

MACS Enterprise Asset Management logo
MACS Enterprise Asset Management Solution powered by IBM Maximo Application Suite - MEAM MAS


MEAM MAS is a product developed by MACS based on the IBM Maximo Application Suite software. It is a fully hosted and managed solution by MACS. MEAM MAS is a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. It offers “built in” mobile access, out-of-the box mapping, crew management and analytical insight.

Arcadis EAM Core logo
Arcadis EAM Core

By Arcadis Gen

Elevate your transportation organization’s operations with an asset management solution that has more than 200 powerful transportation specific, predefined, out-of-the-box accelerators, including industry-standard automated workflows, user groups, asset hierarchies, data attributes, business processes, and an intuitive mobile solution, powered by IBM Maximo.

All the way to value logo
Epical IEAM Service Solution

By Epical

Epical IEAM Service Solution is a single, integrated cloud-based platform that uses AI, IoT and analytics to optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs. All fully managed by Epical proven methodology and powered by market-leading technology from IBM Maximo.

IBM Maximo Models for Electric Transformers logo
IBM Maximo Models for Electric Transformers


An Intelligent Analytics accelerator that empowers you effortlessly generate and deploy analytic models without coding. Calculate critical KPIs such as CO2 Equivalent Emissions, Harmonic Anomaly, Energy Loss, and Health Score. Transform your approach to asset management with proactive, data-driven decision-making, streamlined operations, longevity and sustainability of electric transformers.

Drones and Remote Sensors logo
Visual Inspection using Drones, Robotics, and AI

By KSI Data Sciences

75% cost reduction for facilities and infrastructure inspection. We deliver hardware, software, and services to provide a complete aerial and robotic inspection and maintenance solution. Live collaboration between onsite drone teams and stakeholders worldwide. We integrate with IBM Maximo AI image detection and workflow systems.

MBSE & System Lifecycle Management logo
MBSE - Model Based System Engineering

By Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)

Systems engineering approaches, including model-based systems engineering (MBSE), have helped organizations better manage more complex product development.

MaxiCloud logo

By BPD Zenith

MaxiCloud: The fully managed, cutting-edge EAM solution powered by Maximo. Flexible asset management and licensing with award-winning industry accelerators and exclusive enhancements, built-in. Secure infrastructure, support, and maintenance. Scalable and cost-effective asset management, AI-powered insights, real-time analytics. Streamlined processes for optimal performance

EAM as a Service logo
Enterprise Asset Management as a Service


EAM as a Service (EAMaaS) is an industry focused, holistic asset management solution, delivered through an all-inclusive SaaS platform that combines EAM, mobility, GIS and digital engineering. This solution applies a combination of technical and asset management strategy expertise to ensure EAMaaS is aligned with industry bestpractice and configured to deliver business value from the outset.

Dataset logo
NOAA National Digital Forecast Database


A collection of gridded forecasts of sensible weather elements.

Dataset logo
Border Crossing Entry Data

By Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Inbound crossings at the U.S.-Canada and the U.S.-Mexico border at the port level

Aspera logo
Aspera High-Speed Data Transfer


Moving the world’s data at maximum speed with fast file transfer solutions built on the award-winning IBM FASP protocol, IBM Aspera software moves data of any size across any distance.

MemSQL logo

By SingleStore

Cloud-native, operational database built for SPEED, SCALE and SQL. 10X the performance at 1/3rd the cost of traditional database providers.

ATS Power Cloud logo

By ATS Group

Custom cloud solutions backed by deep IBM® Power® skills to keep your critical AIX® & IBM i, and Red Hat® Linux systems running smoothly.

Dataset logo
National Transit Database

By Federal Transit Administration

The National Transit Database (NTD) is a repository of data about the financial, operating and asset conditions of American transit systems.

Dataset logo
Global Surface Summary of the Day - GSOD Weather Data


Global Surface Summary of the Day (GSOD) surface weather observations data