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            Actionbot logo
            Actionbot - AI chatbot that acts for your business

            By TUATARA

            Actionbot is a fully functional vision ​of the future of automation ​– the intelligent Digital Assistant​. Thanks to AI and NLP algorithms, Actionbot sees and interprets customers' intentions regardless of the communication channel (website, application, email) and reacts, depending on their needs. It can complete a form, from chatting with a customer, or start a workflow based on his complaint.

            ADA GDPR secured Digital Assistant logo
            ADA the Digital Assistant and smart Coworker

            By Apendo

            ADA the Digital Assistant is your new co-worker with at behavior that is as close to a human as possible. ADA combines the market-leading IBM Watson assistant and Discovery with a unique controller that orchestrates the solutions to be the Digital Assistant that can not just answer trained questions, ADA can also read content and create answers.

            APOLLO logo

            By Virtivity GmbH

            Optimize your business with APOLLO! Powered by IBM software Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1), APOLLO ist an integrated planning solution for P&L and cash flow planning based on ready-made parameterizable templates and business best practices. Due to the predefined scenarios, the solution can be implemented in a short time and is therefore also suitable for medium-sized businesses.

            Banking Assistant logo
            Banking Assistant

            By Tovie AI

            Use the power of Banking and Insurance Assistant to address any challenges in the financial services industry - from common to complex

            Cognitive Managed Platform logo
            Cognitive Managed Platform

            By Blueit SPA SB

            Take a commitment to sustainability managing your IT environment, from the application layer to the infrastructure, reallocating proactively resources to reduce waste and improve application performance. Using Turbonomic and Instana hybrid cloud cost optimization tools Blueit enables you to reduce carbon footprint and you can do this in a fully managed platform and services using AIOps approach.

            Compose Operation Platfrom logo
            Compose Operation Platform/Compose Collection

            By Compose IT Nordic AB

            Compose Operation Platform/ Compose Collections (CC) is a collection of ready to use scripts, advanced automation, reports and dashboards that Compose IT have developed to a useful toolbox. The main advantage of Compose Collection is that the user will be able to fully utilize Netcool Operation Insight (NOI) and WatsonAiops with only a few hours of training on the modules in Compose Collection.

            ContextQA logo
            ContextQA - Test Automation Platform

            By ContextQA - Test Automation

            Empower your organization with ContextQA's advanced AI-driven testing capabilities. Predict potential test case failures with AI, simplify automation, and enhance security with DAST testing. Achieve comprehensive testing, seamless integration with JIRA and Jenkins, and advanced AI features like auto-healing. Elevate software quality, reduce expenses, and expedite product delivery.

            CrushBank logo
            CrushBank AI Engine

            By CrushBank Technology

            Enable faster IT support resolutions, fewer escalations, and unparalleled analytics. CrushBank has built an AI engine to transform service delivery. CrushBank unlocks proprietary and previously unsearchable content to provide invaluable support information and then uses that same technology to help categorize and classify client interactions for improved decision-making.

            Debt Collections Bot logo
            Debt Collections Bot

            By Tovie AI

            Automate all aspects of the default management process, reduce costs and deliver better debtor engagement with Debt Collections Bot

            Digital disease model logo
            Digital Disease Models

            By Keystonemab B.V.

            Advanced disease models leveraging vast scientific, clinical, and IP data. Enable the development of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and food products with a comprehensive perspective. Customizable and versatile, our models seamlessly integrate with client data, delivering unique and valuable insights to accelerate product advancements in the healthcare and nutrition industries.

            DSAIL logo
            DSAIL - Domain-Specific AI Language

            By Jaxon AI

            DSAIL systematizes the procedure of crafting intricate AI systems. It arranges diverse components like metadata, abstract concepts, requirements, and overarching frameworks. By simulating model performance, individuals can delve into design trade-offs and achieve the correct architecture from the outset.

            EAM as a Service logo
            Enterprise Asset Management as a Service

            By COSOL

            EAM as a Service (EAMaaS) is an industry focused, holistic asset management solution, delivered through an all-inclusive SaaS platform that combines EAM, mobility, GIS and digital engineering. This solution applies a combination of technical and asset management strategy expertise to ensure EAMaaS is aligned with industry bestpractice and configured to deliver business value from the outset.

            ESG Maturity logo
            ESG Maturity

            By C-MORE | Beyond the obvious

            Combining Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with in-depth expertise on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, ESG Maturity is a unique full-fledged Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for sustainability management, which is capable of integrating the whole sustainability journey of an organisation and extending the analysis to its supply chains, clients and/or financial assets.​

            EMMA logo
            Expert Multichannel Multilingual Analyst - EMMA

            By DATERA

            EMMA is cognitive search and content analysis platform developed by DATERA. It provides advanced search capabilities and the ability to analyze structured and unstructured data for insights and knowledge discovery.

            Foresight logo

            By EquBot Inc.

            AI Powered Smarter Investment Decisions based on hundreds of daily signals that provide key foresights on over 50,000 global companies and asset classes.

            Illumia Engage logo
            Illumia ENGAGE

            By Illumia Labs

            Introduce role play scenarios and make your training program interactive with Illumia ENGAGE. Illumia ENGAGE, a conversational AI avatar, provides users with a natural and intuitive way to interact with your training materials.

            Insurance Claims Bot logo
            Insurance Claims Bot

            By Tovie AI

            Enhance customer experience using an Insurance Claims Bot: boost the rate of successful insurance claim processing at the first call

            Krista logo
            Krista AI Integration Platform

            By Krista Software

            Krista enables you to integrate and operationalize any AI into your business. Krista's conversational user experience, and an Artificial Intelligence Integration Platform as a Service (AI iPaaS) helps automate and optimize employee and customer digital workflows.

            BlueSky Optimization Platform logo
            Meta OPT - Optimization as a Service

            By BlueSky Creations

            MetaOPT is an AI optimization tool leveraging IBM CPLEX to democratize advanced modeling for all businesses, ensuring strategic growth and decision-making efficiency.

            OSI logo
            OSI - Operations and Service Insights

            By Ibis Solutions

            OSI is a unique comprehensive next-generation AI-enabled service and application management platform, which helps clients to manage increasingly complex IT and network infrastructures end to end in real-time, enabling them to deliver the highest levels of customer service. It is next generation solution that gives the visibility you require and the power to act and react quickly and easily.

            Profitability Solution logo
            PI Profitability Solution

            By Poslovna inteligencija d.o.o.

            Make your business operations profitable and achieve the full potential of your data! PI Profitability Solution is a generic solution based on IBM Planning Analytics platform that is scalable and completely adjustable to any organization and industry and any set of profit centers.

            rKube logo

            By PowerM

            rKubeIO hub empowers digital transformation with modules for app lifecycle, from refactoring to security. It modernizes monolithic apps into microservices and offers Hybrid Cloud Management for private and public clouds.

            Servizi di Cyber Security logo
            Servizi di Cyber Security

            By Yarix srl

            Yarix is a company of VAR Group, and it's the competence center for Security. They have in place a SOC based on owned and managed server, from that they delivere their services. Last year they bough as first set of Qradar license. Now they have the option for an enlargement. The discount is required in order to be in line with the offering of Yarix competitorì, based on Splunk solution.

            Sherloq logo
            Sherloq with IBM Watson

            By Sherloq Inc

            AI & data compliance starts on the internet. Sherloq provides a missing technological piece for both AI applications & the data compliance of an organization.

            Smart Analytics Feedback Management logo
            Smart Analytics Feedback Management Solution embedded SPSS

            By Smart Analytics, Inc.

            Smart Analytics provides Enterprise Feedback Management Solution for digital analytics management solutions with SPSS statistical data analytics solutions.

            SOCi Platform logo
            SOCi Inc.

            By SOCi Inc.

            SOCi is the only marketing platform that enables multi-location marketers to manage local search, social, reputation, and messaging and deploy a localized experience across limitless locations — all through one login. Multi-location businesses can establish a powerful local presence, increase local activation and adoption, and drive unstoppable business growth at every location using SOCi.

            SPSS Data Science & Stats Universe logo
            SPSS Data Science and Statistics Universe

            By Smart Vision Europe Ltd

            A comprehensive catalogue of fully documented on demand and self paced training programs and additional analytical product functions that enhance the IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler Suite of products.

            Tech Mahindra unified Identity and Access Management Platform logo
            Tech Mahindra unified Identity and Access Management Platform


            Tech M Introduces IAM Suite powered by IBM for comprehensive identity and access management. Empower your organization with the comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite, Seamlessly manage identities, control access, and safeguard critical resources with adaptive authentication, ensuring robust security without compromising user experience.

            Website Navigation Bot logo
            Website Navigation Bot

            By Tovie AI

            provide proactive engagement with potential customers and lead capture at the websites with complex navigation.