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        STASH 1-Click Ransomless Ransomware Protection & Recovery Solution logo
        1-Click No Ransom Ransomware Solution

        By Stash Global Inc.

        Accomplishes the previously impossible: turns the most damaging cyberattack of all, ransomware, into just another business problem that is solved with the click of a button without paying a cent (or cyber coin) of ransom. Zero Trust & Self-Healing.

        Actionbot logo
        Actionbot - AI chatbot that acts for your business

        By TUATARA

        Actionbot is a fully functional vision ​of the future of automation ​– the intelligent Digital Assistant​. Thanks to AI and NLP algorithms, Actionbot sees and interprets customers' intentions regardless of the communication channel (website, application, email) and reacts, depending on their needs. It can complete a form, from chatting with a customer, or start a workflow based on his complaint.

        ADA GDPR secured Digital Assistant logo
        ADA the Digital Assistant and smart Coworker

        By Apendo

        ADA the Digital Assistant is your new co-worker with at behavior that is as close to a human as possible. ADA combines the market-leading IBM Watson assistant and Discovery with a unique controller that orchestrates the solutions to be the Digital Assistant that can not just answer trained questions, ADA can also read content and create answers.

        AMCOP platform for 5G CNF Orchestration logo
        AMCOP platform for 5G CNF Orchestration

        By Aarna Networks Inc.

        AMCOP is an open-source platform for 5G network services and edge computing applications deployed on public or private Kubernetes clusters that orchestrates CNFs with a GUI frontend or REST API.

        APOLLO logo

        By Virtivity GmbH

        Optimize your business with APOLLO! Powered by IBM software Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1), APOLLO ist an integrated planning solution for P&L and cash flow planning based on ready-made parameterizable templates and business best practices. Due to the predefined scenarios, the solution can be implemented in a short time and is therefore also suitable for medium-sized businesses.

        Sumo Logic Kubernetes Observability logo
        Application Observability

        By Sumo Logic

        Application Observability delivers correlated full-stack visibility for managing the reliability of modern applications and monitoring the underlying infrastructure to deliver the best digital experience.

        Argos Investigation & IBM watsonx logo
        Argos Investigation -

        By Cogniware

        The unique analytical system that can process large amounts of information from various sources, both within the company and outside it. Argos can handle structured and unstructured data (multimedia files) such as audio, video, images, and text documents. Using, you can connect to data in minutes, quickly get trusted insights and reduce your data warehouse costs.

        AugurHPC Platform logo
        AugurHPC Platform

        By Ivy Open Source Technology

        Enable HPC users to efficiently manage the clusters. Quickly identify the issues which make jobs pending, resource wastage and even servers crashes. Provide both the admin and the R&D users a handy tool to build, run, use and optimize the HPC clusters.

        Bamboo Rose  Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail logo
        Bamboo Rose Multi Enterprise Platform for Retail

        By Bamboo Rose

        Connects all members of the product and supply chain community to drive value.  We increase efficiency and speed to market by managing all product categories on one platform and reduce risk with total visibility across all business units.

        Banking Assistant logo
        Banking Assistant

        By Tovie AI

        Use the power of Banking and Insurance Assistant to address any challenges in the financial services industry - from common to complex

        Boat.Alert logo

        By Boat.Systems

        Boat.Alert is an advanced real-time application and infrastructure monitoring tool. It offers a wide range of functionalities that aid in the management and optimization of IT systems' performance. Here are some key features of the Boat.Alert product

        clemRISK logo

        By Clementine

        ClemRisk guides you through the entire risk management modelling process: from data quality assessment trough missing and outlier data management, data transformations, test environment design, selection of modelling technique and building models to comparing models, evaluation.

        clemTEXT by clemVOICE logo
        clemTEXT by clemVOICE

        By Clementine

        Hungarian text processing solution. logo


        Operating System for Machine Learning & AI providing an end-to-end machine learning platform to build and deploy AI models at scale

        Avanseus Cognitive Assistant for Networks logo
        Cognitive Assistant for Networks

        By Avanseus

        Avanseus Cognitive Assistant for Networks (CAN), applies AI and machine learning to predict where a network is likely to fail next, and what to do before it happens.

        Cognitive Managed Platform logo
        Cognitive Managed Platform

        By Blueit SPA SB

        Take a commitment to sustainability managing your IT environment, from the application layer to the infrastructure, reallocating proactively resources to reduce waste and improve application performance. Using Turbonomic and Instana hybrid cloud cost optimization tools Blueit enables you to reduce carbon footprint and you can do this in a fully managed platform and services using AIOps approach.

        Compose Operation Platfrom logo
        Compose Operation Platform/Compose Collection

        By Compose IT Nordic AB

        Compose Operation Platform/ Compose Collections (CC) is a collection of ready to use scripts, advanced automation, reports and dashboards that Compose IT have developed to a useful toolbox. The main advantage of Compose Collection is that the user will be able to fully utilize Netcool Operation Insight (NOI) and WatsonAiops with only a few hours of training on the modules in Compose Collection.

        ContextQA logo
        ContextQA - Test Automation Platform

        By ContextQA - Test Automation

        Empower your organization with ContextQA's advanced AI-driven testing capabilities. Predict potential test case failures with AI, simplify automation, and enhance security with DAST testing. Achieve comprehensive testing, seamless integration with JIRA and Jenkins, and advanced AI features like auto-healing. Elevate software quality, reduce expenses, and expedite product delivery.

        Cortex Certifai logo
        Cortex Certifai

        By CognitiveScale Inc

        Gain visibility and control over automated decisions by managing the risk and optimizing the value of black-box AI models. Certifai automatically detects and scores model risks including performance, data drift, bias, explainability, and robustness.

        CrushBank logo
        CrushBank AI Engine

        By CrushBank Technology

        Enable faster IT support resolutions, fewer escalations, and unparalleled analytics. CrushBank has built an AI engine to transform service delivery. CrushBank unlocks proprietary and previously unsearchable content to provide invaluable support information and then uses that same technology to help categorize and classify client interactions for improved decision-making.

        Datastax Enterprise logo
        DataStax Enterprise

        By DataStax

        Built on Apache Cassandra™, DataStax Enterprise is hardened by the largest internet apps, proven by the Fortune 100, and supports more NoSQL workloads - from Graph to Search and Analytics.

        DBmarlin logo

        By Application Performance Ltd

        Improve your database performance across multiple database technologies. Spot the impact of changes. Help developers, testers, DevOps, CloudOps, SRE and DBAs understand where database resources are being used and how to improve performance at all stages of the development lifecycle. Integrate with IBM INSTANA for end-to-end & deep monitoring as well as your CICD tools to accelerate releases.

        Debt Collections Bot logo
        Debt Collections Bot

        By Tovie AI

        Automate all aspects of the default management process, reduce costs and deliver better debtor engagement with Debt Collections Bot

        Densify RHM logo

        By Densify

        Patented machine learning analytics that enable automated management and optimization of container resources. Densify provides continuous and precise container resource specifications that can be automatically applied back to infrastructure to optimize performance and cost.

        Digital disease model logo
        Digital Disease Models

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        Advanced disease models leveraging vast scientific, clinical, and IP data. Enable the development of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and food products with a comprehensive perspective. Customizable and versatile, our models seamlessly integrate with client data, delivering unique and valuable insights to accelerate product advancements in the healthcare and nutrition industries.

        CloudHedge logo
        Discover - Transform - Cruize

        By CloudHedge Technologies Inc

        CloudHedge is a Red Hat Technology Partner leveraging its Red Hat Certified containerization tools - Discover, Transform and Cruize to containerize legacy applications on OpenShift.

        DSAIL logo
        DSAIL - Domain-Specific AI Language

        By Jaxon AI

        DSAIL systematizes the procedure of crafting intricate AI systems. It arranges diverse components like metadata, abstract concepts, requirements, and overarching frameworks. By simulating model performance, individuals can delve into design trade-offs and achieve the correct architecture from the outset.

        LABS.AI logo


        Prompt & Conversation Management Middleware for Conversational AI APIs such as ChatGPT. Lean, restful, scalable, and cloud-native. Developed in Java, powered by Quarkus, provided with Docker, and orchestrated with Kubernetes or Openshift.

        Eamli logo

        By Whitespace

        eamli - Optimise decisions for better outcomes. Achieve big-picture objectives with one data-backed decision at a time. Learn how eamli can help you save time, money, and frustration by improving operational efficiency.

        EAM as a Service logo
        Enterprise Asset Management as a Service

        By COSOL

        EAM as a Service (EAMaaS) is an industry focused, holistic asset management solution, delivered through an all-inclusive SaaS platform that combines EAM, mobility, GIS and digital engineering. This solution applies a combination of technical and asset management strategy expertise to ensure EAMaaS is aligned with industry bestpractice and configured to deliver business value from the outset.

        FP-Predict logo
        Enterprise Forecasting

        By Findability Sciences

        Enterprise Forecasting Automates Data Logistics and Answers, "What will happen?" and "What to do?" with Unmatched Precision. It Provides solutions for Demand Forecasting, Price Predictions, Propensity Predictions, Risk Predictions, Churn Predictions, etc. It is a No-Code platform powered by Findability Platform® and can handle data containing Discrete Target, Continuous Target, and Time Series.

        ESG Maturity logo
        ESG Maturity

        By C-MORE | Beyond the obvious

        Combining Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with in-depth expertise on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, ESG Maturity is a unique full-fledged Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for sustainability management, which is capable of integrating the whole sustainability journey of an organisation and extending the analysis to its supply chains, clients and/or financial assets.​

        EMMA logo
        Expert Multichannel Multilingual Analyst - EMMA

        By DATERA

        EMMA is cognitive search and content analysis platform developed by DATERA. It provides advanced search capabilities and the ability to analyze structured and unstructured data for insights and knowledge discovery. logo

        By ProphetStor helps enterprises optimize cloud resources, maximize application performance, and save significant cost without excessive over-provisioning or under-provisioning of resources, meeting the service-level requirements of their applications.

        FertilityAnswers logo
        FertilityAnswers Mobile App - AI-enabled Fertility Engagement Platform

        By Ovum Medical

        Ask free fertility questions of 400-board certified medical professionals available on iOS and Android, in English and Spanish. Leverage AI to search 90,000 pieces of clinically validated content. Connect to a live fertility advocate for free. Receive personalized, AI matches to health care solutions and book telehealth appointments covered by insurance. Access the app for free.

        Finclude logo
        Finclude - Transforming Consumer Credit based on transactional behavior

        By Finclude

        Finclude provides a pioneering pan-European credit scoring system, enabling businesses, especially in the financial sector, to evaluate consumers universally based on transactional behavior, even without a credit history. Revolutionize credit assessments and unlock expansive market opportunities with our cutting-edge solutions.

        Foresight logo

        By EquBot Inc.

        AI Powered Smarter Investment Decisions based on hundreds of daily signals that provide key foresights on over 50,000 global companies and asset classes.

        InsightEdge logo
        GigaSpaces InsightEdge

        By GigaSpaces Technologies Inc

        Runs services and machine learning models in production, at extreme speed and scale, across on-premise, cloud and hybrid.

        RHM - Hazelcast IMDG logo
        Hazelcast Fast Data Store

        By Hazelcast

        The Hazelcast Platform fast data store provides a complete set of high-speed data management capabilities plus application runtime capabilities to help you build modern applications for data-intensive environments. From simple caching needs to more sophisticated distributed compute use cases Hazelcast have you covered

        Hazelcast Jet logo
        Hazelcast Jet

        By Hazelcast

        Build fault-tolerant and distributed data pipelines that transform and aggregate data in real-time data at constant low latencies. First-class support for Apache Kafka, Hadoop, Hazelcast and many other data sources and sinks.

        HeadSpin Platform logo
        HeadSpin Platform

        By HeadSpin

        Conduct pre and post release app testing on real devices around the world and get ML-based insights and recommendations into user experience issues. Be it mobile app testing or browser testing, HeadSpin Platform offers it all!

        Holistic Anti-Fraud Monitoring logo
        Holistic Anti-Fraud Monitoring

        By IBS Bulgaria

        Transaction fraud prevention solution for any cashless payment channel.

        IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation logo
        IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

        By IBM

        A set of integrated market-leading software designed to help solve your toughest operational challenges.

        IBM Cloud Pak for Data logo
        IBM Cloud Pak for Data

        By IBM

        An open data and AI platform that runs on any cloud. Deployable in hours and easily extendable with IBM and third-party services, it enables organizations to easily integrate analytics to speed innovation.

        IBM Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data logo
        IBM Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data

        By IBM

        An extension of IBM Db2 deployable on IBM Cloud Pak for Data or directly on RedHat OpenShift Cluster.

        IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection logo
        IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection

        By IBM

        IBM Maximo Contextual Anomaly Detection is an expertly crafted AI Recipe to analyze multivariate time series data such as sensor data. These innovative AI Recipes predict lower and upper values, encapsulating the target variable or signal within the user's specified probability or confidence level. Any deviation of the measured target variable outside this interval is identified as an anomaly.

        IBM Maximo Detection and Prediction for Air Compressors logo
        IBM Maximo Detection and Prediction for Air Compressors

        By IBM

        Leverage pre-packaged, state of the art algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify anomalies in real time and predict failures in 2 stage rotary type air compressors. The frameworks are generalizable and can be applied to different industrial use cases.

        IBM Maximo Models for Electric Transformers logo
        IBM Maximo Models for Electric Transformers

        By IBM

        An Intelligent Analytics accelerator that empowers you effortlessly generate and deploy analytic models without coding. Calculate critical KPIs such as CO2 Equivalent Emissions, Harmonic Anomaly, Energy Loss, and Health Score. Transform your approach to asset management with proactive, data-driven decision-making, streamlined operations, longevity and sustainability of electric transformers.

        IBM Models for Electrical Distribution logo
        IBM Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution

        By IBM

        IBM Maximo Models for Electrical Distribution offers model templates to enhance the reliability of energy and utility assets, helping you anticipate downtime, degradation, and failures. This accelerator includes prebuilt notebooks and configuration files for transmission and distribution asset classes, incorporating features available in IBM Maximo Health and IBM Maximo Predict.

        IBM Maximo Work Order Advisor logo
        IBM Maximo Work Order Advisor

        By IBM

        IBM Maximo Work Order Advisor enables improving productivity and reliability in processes, and consistency in operations across sites through insights into work order data. This accelerator provides pre-built model templates, that apply generative AI technology, to Maximo Work Order data in the Maximo DB, and obtain recommendations on failure code classification, similarity, and approval.

        IBM Watson Studio logo
        IBM Watson Studio

        By IBM

        Build and scale trusted AI on an industry-leading modular, flexible and open platform

        Illumia Engage logo
        Illumia ENGAGE

        By Illumia Labs

        Introduce role play scenarios and make your training program interactive with Illumia ENGAGE. Illumia ENGAGE, a conversational AI avatar, provides users with a natural and intuitive way to interact with your training materials.

        Insurance Claims Bot logo
        Insurance Claims Bot

        By Tovie AI

        Enhance customer experience using an Insurance Claims Bot: boost the rate of successful insurance claim processing at the first call

        AI Analytics Toolkit logo
        Intel oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit

        By Intel

        Accelerate end-to-end data science and machine learning pipelines using popular Python based tools and frameworks optimized for performance and interoperability on Intel Platforms.

        IBP - Integrated Business Planning logo
        KMG IBP - Integrated Business Planning

        By KMG Analytics

        KMG IBP address the need for agile and accurate planning cycles to effectively deal with business challenges. By integrating sensitive processes as Demand, Supply and Finance Planning, IBP address the need of continous planning at the speed of business. IBP also adds value by providing decision capabilities through scenario planning and what-if analysis.

        Krista logo
        Krista AI Integration Platform

        By Krista Software

        Krista enables you to integrate and operationalize any AI into your business. Krista's conversational user experience, and an Artificial Intelligence Integration Platform as a Service (AI iPaaS) helps automate and optimize employee and customer digital workflows.

        KSM AI platform logo
        KSM Scientific Intelligence Platform-KSIP

        By Keystonemab B.V.

        KSIP platform is an AI-driven platform that analyzes data from millions of scientific and clinical trial documents to identify synergistic drug combinations or new uses for existing or failed drugs (drug repositioning). We also develop formulations of these products at our CDMO facility to supply finished products to our customers. We help companies with identifying 'second medical use' claim IP.

        Lacework Cloud Security Platform logo
        Lacework Polygraph Data Platform for Red Hat

        By Lacework

        Cloud native threat detection, compliance, behavioral anomaly detection, and automated security monitoring for Red Hat. Providing unmatched continuous activity monitoring and assurance checks from build time to runtime.

        Libi Prebuilt System for Analytic and AI Analysis logo
        Libi Prebuilt System for Analytic and AI Analysis

        By Libi Software Technology Ltd.

        BI/AI IBM-Cognos based solution on customer’s production data, allowing Analysis, Insights and Decision Making.

        MACS Enterprise Asset Management logo
        MACS Enterprise Asset Management Solution powered by IBM Maximo Application Suite - MEAM MAS

        By MACS

        MEAM MAS is a product developed by MACS based on the IBM Maximo Application Suite software. It is a fully hosted and managed solution by MACS. MEAM MAS is a comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. It offers “built in” mobile access, out-of-the box mapping, crew management and analytical insight.